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Harold Smith is an inept villain present in The Powerpuff Girls series. He has appeared in the episodes "Supper Villain" and "Just Desserts." He is the patriarch of the Smith Family. He is also the one who brought evil into the family, as well as the mastermind behind the plan to destroy the Powerpuff Girls.

He lived a dull, monotone life, hated by his son and with no indication of happiness. He found comfort in the newscasts about Mojo Jojo and was fascinated by Mojo's evil acts. This led to Harold dreaming about breaking free from his miserable life by becoming a villain, but the newscast also learned him about Mojo's failure due to the Powerpuff Girls, which in turn caused him to grow hatred for the Powerpuff Girls.

Secretly, he begins fulfilling this dream by manufacturing a (rather pathetic) suit for himself and a fake weapon. Coincidentally, his wife Marianne invites the Utonium family to dinner. Harold cannot control himself given this opportunity. During the dinner he excuses himself from the table and manifests himself as a villain and shows up at the dinner table, threatening Professor Utonium. His act is eventually spoiled by a food war and he is thrown in jail.

After his imprisonment due to suspicion of making threats, particularly pointing a hair-dryer at Professor Utonium, his wife surprises him and reveals that she wants him to continue being a villain and that she also desire to become one so they together can get back at the Powerpuff Girls, for ruining their dinner. All of his family joins in at a raid at the Powerpuff Girls' house, this leads to a final confrontation with the Powerpuff Girls where the Smiths are easily defeated. Upon questioning on why they do this Marianne replies: Because they ruined their dinner. the girls believed that it was not a good reason at all.

Harold and his family are put in jail and have not been heard from since. Robin moves into their house in a later episode.

Physical Appearance

He is a balding man, with a long, banana-like nose and a timid, quivering voice. He wears a pair of square eyeglasses, a pair of stocking, a pair of red thermal underwear, yellow rubber gloves, a holster strapped to one hip, a blue bath mat tied around the neck for a cape, black-rimmed goggles, replacing his square glasses, a hood on top of a sparkler. This outfit was made by his own craft which he secretly creates his own suit in his room.

Before he becomes a villain, he wears a white short sleeved button shirt with a red necktie on the collar, brown corduroy pants, and dark brown shoes.

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