The Powerpuff Girls song
“Happy Birthday Jim”
Happy Birthday Jim.png
Song by  Rainbow the Clown
Episode Mime for a Change
Length  0:51
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"Major Man" "Bubbles' Coloring Song"

Happy Birthday Jim is a song from Mime for a Change.


Clown: La-la-la-la-la-la! Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday, Jim!

(The kids cheer)

Clown: I'm Rainbow the Colorful Clown! You can keep on looking, you'll never see a frown!  It's your birthday, and I'll dub you King with a crown!  It's your birthday, it's your birthday, it's your birthday...uh...Jim! Look at all my colors, don't they make you smile? Listen to my singing, it could last for quite a while! All my stripes and spots are the brand new style! It's your birthday, it's your birthday, it's your birthday, Carl! Uh...Jim!

(The kids cheer)

Clown: (sadly) Today we've had our fun, And my time is almost done, So goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye... Goooooooood...

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