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"Get off my property!"

Fuzzy Lumpkins is a tertiary villain of The Powerpuff Girls. He lives in the woods quite a distance from Townsville, where his only concern is if anyone tries to enter his "property". When not disturbed, he is very lazy and does very little. However, he is quite musical, as he enjoys playing his banjo (which he named Jo), and he also has some cooking talents, such as making meat jam.

Fuzzy is the third oldest villain in the series, debuting after Whoopass Stew, which featured the debut of the The Gangreen Gang and the Amoeba Boys.


Fuzzy is a large, husky, furry, pink, bear-like hillbilly monster with a wide jaw, a bulbous green nose, red-pink eyes, two antennae on his head, and big, blue overalls. His voice is loud, usually scowling, and has a "hillbilly drawl". He weighs 250 lbs.

Fuzzy Lumpkins

Lumpkins was born on February 9 and goes by the nickname "Overlord of Townsville". The only true friend he has is an Alulu banjo he named "Jo". Sometimes, Fuzzy uses his backdoor trumpet to make music along with Jo. It is entertaining for the people around him, when there are any.

Fuzzy lives in the woods next to the city of Townsville which is within the Tijani locale. His home is a wooden shack with a porch and a rocking chair, where Fuzzy usually sits at. He has a large family, all of whom look similar to him; most of them appear in "Impeach Fuzz," "Shotgun Wedding," and "Roughing It Up."

In "Makes Zen to Me", he is brutally beaten by Buttercup, who leaves him wounded, with all his limbs broken, and unable to eat or talk.

"See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey"[]

In this rock musical episode, Fuzzy is seen causing chaos and terrorizing people in Townsville, along with other villains. When the Powerpuff Girls arrive, he and the other villains succeed in defeating them.

Later, The Gnome eliminates all the villains, including Fuzzy. When the Gnome loses his power, Fuzzy and the other villains are freed.

Fuzzy is also seen along with other villains singing Why Can't We All Get Along?, giving the message that he can also have redeeming features, including in his villainy.


"Narrator: Some people who've decided to be far, far away. Some people who don't like visitors. Some people like...
Fuzzy Lumpkins: Hey, you! Get off my property! Now!
Narrator: Some people like Fuzzy Lumpkins! "
— The Narrator and Fuzzy Lumpkins Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy is incredibly greedy, dangerous ,and anti-social. He hates having people come to his "property" and will shoot or otherwise attack anyone who trespasses. He is very prone to destructive fits of rage, sometimes gaining enough physical strength to intimidate (and even overpower) the girls. He turns to a bright red color when completely enraged, and usually only stops if he gets his property back. Alternatively, he can sometimes be overwhelmed or calmed.

In the episode "Impeach Fuzz", Fuzzy's selfish and tyrannic nature is revealed. He becomes Mayor of Townsville and he misuses his power for his own convenience, while not caring about the town and having the Girls to do menial tasks for him, instead of fighting crime. It can be seen that while Fuzzy is apparently attracted to pretty women, such as Ms. Bellum, he talks to her in a really boorish way, and forces her to act like a hillbilly girl and wear skimpy clothes for his own sensual arousal, not caring how she feels about forcing her to be used for his amusement and for his attitude towards her.

Ironically, despite wanting to be left alone, Fuzzy has a friendship with other villains. This is seen in "Telephonies", where he, Mojo Jojo, and HIM are talking over the telephone about unexpected attacks from the Powerpuff Girls; they later find out that the girls were going after them because of prank calls from the Gangreen Gang pretending to be the Mayor reporting crimes. After reaching the Mayor's office, Mojo, Fuzzy, and HIM senselessly beat up the Gangreen Gang.

He also does not mind teaming up with others despite his antisocial nature, if it means he can achieve his goals. This was shown in "Meet the Beat-Alls", where he teamed up with Mojo Jojo, HIM, and Princess Morbucks to form a band, "The Beat-Alls", that successfully allowed them all to get away with crimes for a short time.


Fuzzy has an indeterminable amount of family members. His mom's name is Fluffy and his dad's name is Flubber. His grandmother is Granny Fuzz and his grandpa is Fudge Lumpkins. He has three nephews, named Wuzzy, Cuzzy, and Scuzzy, whom he takes camping in "Roughing It Up".


Fuzzy appears in The Powerpuff Girls Movie, where he is seen robbing a grocery store mall by using his rifle at a cashier to get money. He is seen at a jail where he is arrested with Mojo Jojo and the Gangreen Gang. It is not known if the Girls fought him after Mojo's giant big plan had been destroyed after the city was very-nearly destroyed.

Fuzzy's eyes look different during the movie than they do during the TV series, as his eyes are red-dashed as if preparing to engage in rage mode.


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  • Boomstick: Fuzzy Lumpkins has an oversized shotgun, which he calls a "Boomstick", that he uses to shoot things.
    • Fuzzy Logic: In this episode, he was seen shooting his boomstick at anything that got on his property, and later used it on the Powerpuff Girls when they started fighting.
    • See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey: He shot his boomstick in the air and then pointed it at the citizens of Townsville.
    • The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!: He was shooting the ground with his Boomstick, to find the key to the world.
    • The Powerpuff Girls Movie: He was pointing his boomstick at a cashier to steal money.
  • Banjo: Fuzzy Lumpkins has a banjo that he calls "Jo" that he talks to as if it were a living being and uses to play music. Sometimes, he uses it as a fighting weapon.
    • Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy Lumpkins used his banjo to fight with The Powerpuff Girls in his shed.
    • Sweet 'N Sour: He was playing his banjo badly to torture people.
    • Documentary: He was seen running out of his house with his banjo smashing the cameraman.
  • Family: Fuzzy Lumpkins has a large family, whom he sometimes gets to fight the Powerpuff Girls and engage in other acts alongside him.
    • Impeach Fuzz: His family was helping him cheat in a wrestling match with the Professor.
    • Shotgun Wedding: His family was forcing Professor Utonium into the wedding with Fuzzy Lumpkins, and also attacking the Girls.
    • Roughing It Up: His nephews were being extremely annoying towards the Girls and the Professor.
  • Rage Mode: Sometimes, if Fuzzy gets really mad at something, he turns muscular and red, entering a sort of "Rage Mode". This makes him more powerful and conducive to fighting. As a result, Fuzzy has had several trades of psychopathy, especially shown in his aggressive and unstable demeanor.
    • Fuzzy Logic: He was seen turning big and red and attacking the Girls and the citizens of Townsville.
    • Telephonies: When The Powerpuff Girls beat up Fuzzy while he was taking a bath, he went into rage mode.
    • The Boys are Back in Town: When HIM was watching other supervillains' past fights with the girls, one of those was a previous fight with Fuzzy Lumpkins; he was in rage mode.
    • Shotgun Wedding: When Fuzzy found out Professor was recording him, he went into rage mode and attacked him.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Fuzzy Lumpkins is credited as "Fuzzy Lumkins" (the name under which he was introduced in his debut episode Meat Fuzzy Lumkins) until the episode "Meet the Beat-Alls". From this episode onwards, he is credited as "Lumpkins".
  • He is the #2 supervillain, the first one being Mojo Jojo.
  • On Cartoon Network media prints, his species is referred to as a "beastly bumpkin".
  • In the book "Smashing Lumpkins", he has a pet rooster named Bubba.
  • In one of the Got Milk? commercials, Fuzzy claims that strawberry milk makes his fur turn pink.
  • MsMojo ranked Fuzzy Lumpkins as the #6 Powerpuff Girls villain.
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins and the Amoeba Boys are the only major villains to never have gained any superpowers at least once.
  • He once switched bodies with a British man who likes tea in "Criss Cross Crisis."
    • The British man in question does not appear in the episode.
  • Dispite likeing to be left alone he has a friendship with other villains.
  • In "Makes Zen to Me", he got beaten up by Buttercup so badly that he had broken limbs and couldn't think or eat properly for a short time.
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