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The Powerpuff Dynamo is a gigantic fighter robot (modeled after the Powerpuff Girls) created by Professor Utonium to help the the Powerpuff Girls fight overwhelmingly powerful enemies that they are unable to defeat on their own. It's power largely exceeds that of the Powerpuff Girls, who control it by piloting from the inside. Due it's extremely destructive power and the girls' disdain for using weapons to fight, it has only been used as a last resort.

The Dynamo's first appearance was in season one of the original Powerpuff Girls series in the episode Uh-Oh, Dynamo, after Professor Utonium suffered a fit of parental fear over the Powerpuff Girl's safety despite their incredible power. Although he slaved away to create the Dynamo, the girls rightfully regarded it as entirely unnecessary, and avoided using it much to Utonium's disappointment. It was not until the Giant Fishballoon appeared and overpowered the girls that Utonium, his patience exhausted, threatened to ground the Girls unless they used the Dynamo. Left with no other options, the girls used the Dynamo to its full effectiveness in battle, defeating the Fishballoon Monster. The victory was not without cost however, as the Dynamo's overpowered weapons ended up doing more damage than the Monster itself, utterly destroying all of Townsville. Outraged, the Mayor ordered that the Dynamo never be used again, with the girls quickly pointing out that it was the Professor who made them use it in the first place, causing a frightened Utonium to make a hasty exit.

With its use outlawed, the Dynamo was never seen again until Live & Let Dynamo, where the Girls discovered it relentlessly attacking Townsville. Knowing the Dynamo required a pilot, the girls mulled over who could have stolen it, considering Mojo Jojo, The Ganggreen Gang, The Amoeba Boys, Fuzzy Lumpkins and HIM. It was eventually discovered the Dynamo was acting on its own accord, as the Mayor, trapped inside the cockpit, had absentmindedly pushed its "Autopilot" button.