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Daylight Savings
Season 2, Episode 7B
Episode name pun on: The time zone of the same name
Airdate: November 26, 1999
Director: John McIntyre
Craig McCracken
Story: Chris Savino
Writer(s): John McIntyre
Amy Keating Rodgers
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"A Very Special Blossom"
"Mo Job"

"Daylight Savings" is the second half of the fourteenth episode of Season 2. It first aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on November 26, 1999.


When the girls get tired during school, Ms. Keane declares a curfew and the Professor must get the girls back on track.


The Villains marching to Townsville.

Though they are appreciated for saving Townsville day and night, the girls become so exhausted from all the crime-fighting that they start falling asleep during class. Despite the fact that they are heroes, Ms. Keane arranges for a parent-teacher conference with the Professor. She notes a decline in their participation in class and their unusual sleeping patterns that have become a hindrance to their education. She ultimately recommends that Professor Utonium enact a curfew, and he complies by demanding the girls to be in bed by 7:30 PM. Despite the girls' appeals to this and his own reservations about it, the Professor tries to convince the girls and himself that Townsville will be fine during the nighttime hours, even though the villains would be allowed free reign to cause as much destruction and mayhem as they want, especially around the later hours of the night.

On their daily patrol missions, they scavenge for crime in Townsville and encounter Mojo Jojo on a regular mayhem spree. As soon as they take action and fight, the professor calls them in for bedtime exactly at 7:30 PM and the girls must head home, leaving Mojo on his own to continue his tirade along with other villains who parade through and wreak havoc in Townsville.

Despite the fact that the city is under major attack within minutes from various events, including fires, riots, monster attacks, and other crimes, the Professor tries to ignore it and enforce the rule. Switching to the Time Channel on television, the presenter reminds the viewers at home such as himself that Daylight Savings Time is over and the current time is actually set back by an hour (making the current time 6:41). Taking notice, he realizes that he had neglected to set the clocks in the house back. He quickly moves to reactivate the girls to save Townsville with the extra 49 minutes they have. The Professor himself, off-screen, realizes that the city needs the girls 24/7 and decides to lift the curfew.



  • Along with "A Very Special Blossom", this is the last episode of the series to air during the 1990s, the last episode to air during the 20th century, and the last episode to air during the second Millennium.
  • This episode is not liked amongst many largely due to the execution of the "don't stay up too late" moral and the portrayals of the adults such as Ms. Keane.
  • Sonny Dial is a pun on "sundial".
  • It is rumored that Blossom has been pardoned and released from prison since "A Very Special Blossom".
  • Mr. Mime appeared as one of the villains in Mojo Jojo's villain parade to cause havoc and crimes in Townsville. It's possible that Rainbow the Clown was deliberately bleached again by Mojo Jojo to turn back into his evil alter ego, Mr. Mime.
  • The Powerpuff Girls have been out fighting crimes late at night after their supposed bedtime before and still do, even after the event of this episode.
  • For this episode until "Twisted Sister," the font for the opening credits with the exception of the directors' credit, was Impact.
  • One of the first summary of plot was almost similar to Network LA Cartoon Movement: The Powerpuff Girls promo (even the girls are sleeping in their regular attire than their usual nightgowns in the bed and they're still in their shoes in the promo. Buttercrush and Cootie Gras also shows the girls sleeping in their regular clothes).
  • No Time for Sleep also explains the summary, though the girls are tired at night when fighting.
  • Moral: Don't stay up too late.


  • In the United States, the switch between Standard and Daylight Time is always on a Sunday morning, so the girls shouldn't have had school that morning unless Pokey Oaks Kindergarten is in session on weekends for some reason, or perhaps Townsville doesn't switch over at the same time as the rest of the United States. The dialogue in the episode implies it might be the Monday after the switch.
  • The first TV reporter who appears and reports that Townsville is burning down isn't the same one who says on TV that Townsville is saved once again. It is the second TV reporter who reported Townsville being eaten who appears first when the girls save Townsville.