Cat Monster
Name: Cat Monster
Gender: Female
First appearance: Boogie Frights
Last appearance: Boogie Frights
Episode count: 2
Voice actor: Tara Strong

The Cat Monster is one of the many Nightmare Monsters that appear in the episode Boogie Frights.


The Cat Monster was the first monster to attack the Powerpuff girls after they arrived on the scene in the responses not the ruckus that the monsters were making. The scared Buttercup, and in response to her scream, she asked she what was wrong and that "she thought she liked to party," (ironically of corse). To this Buttercup responded by punching her in the face and sending her flying.


She appears to look like a humanoid cat with a cheetah-skin outfit and long, white nails.


She is very aggressive, taking no time to attack the PowerPuff Girls without question.


  • She is not seen before or after her first interaction.
  • It is unknown if she is one of the monsters that was fried by the sun’s rays.
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