Captain Righteous in his old costume

Captain Righteous is an elderly hero of Townsville. He lives at Pokey Folks, with his enemies, the Ministry of Pain. His former partner is Lefty, but now he hates Lefty because he was under the impression that Lefty wanted all the glory for himself.

When the Ministry of Pain returns, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup go see him to make him fight them again. He refers to the girls as the pumpkin-heads and seems to enjoy their company, up until Bubbles mentions Lefty, whereupon Captain Righteous orders them out of his room. He apparently has a fake leg and can fly. Blossom decides to trick him and Lefty into fighting again, with horrible results. Mastermind pushes Lefty onto the ground and breaks his hip, whereupon Captain Righteous and Lefty reconcile and attacks the Ministry of Pain, and they all have to go to the emergency room.


  • Captain Righteous is a parody, and cross of Captain America, Batman, and Super-man.
  • He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.
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