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WARNING: The Powerpuff Girls has been referenced and parodied in a wide variety of outside media, which includes adult media. As such, the following page contains mature content. Continue at your own risk.


This page collects events when The Powerpuff Girls are cameoed, mentioned, merchandised, crossed over, titled, or parodied, in outside movies, TV shows, video games, and other forms of media.

TV shows[]

101 Dalmatian Street[]

  • At one point in the episode “Girl’s Day Out” Delilah refers to Clarissa as “Princess Powderpuff”.

44 Cats[]

  • The Pinky Paws, a trio of recurring characters on the show, have similar colors to the girls.

American Dad![]

  • In the episode "The Longest Distance Relationship", Jeff and Sinbad went through a wormhole that turned them into a whole bunch of different versions of themselves. One of them was a Powerpuff Girl version of themselves where Jeff looked like a Rowdyruff Boy and Sinbad looked like Professor Utonium.


  • In the series finale, "The Hardest Thing", Anne, Sasha, & Marcy's calamity forms represent Bubbles, Blossom, & Buttercup respectively.
    • Moreover, they leave a trail when they fly off to defeat the Core, just like the girls do.

Animation Domination Hi-Def[]

  • In the segment, "HBO's Powerpuff GIRLS", it parodies the series and the 2012 HBO series Girls. Narcissism was accidentally added to the mix, having the girls in their mid-20s, living in New York City. Bubbles smokes, Blossom is overweight, and Buttercup is no longer interested in fighting crime anymore. They go to gyms to work out, binge eat, and go on dates that don't last long.
  • The segment is available to watch on YouTube.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force[]

  • The show features a recurring location called the "Powerpuff Mall".
    • In fact, said mall is the exact mall used in one of the pilots of The Powerpuff Girls, "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins".
  • In the episode "Universal Remonster", an alien known as Oglethorpe creates several T-shirts that features a Powerpuff Girl (that looks a bit like Blossom with a hot pink mohawk). When his friend Emory pointed this out, Oglethorpe denied that it was a Powerpuff Girl, claiming that "they're not getting sued".
    • Olgethorpe and Emory could also be based off of the amoeba boys.
  • In the ATHF Movie and the episode "Eggball", Meatwad uses a Powerpuff Girls parachute.


  • In the episode "Desk Wars", Muffy holds up stickers for superheroes called the Judo Kittens, who somewhat resemble The Powerpuff Girls.

Baby Looney Tunes[]

  • In the episode "A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream", the Super Sunshine Girls are a clear parody of the Powerpuff Girls.

Bob the Builder[]

  • In the LIVE Show video and VHS & DVD trailer, a little girl was seen wearing a Powerpuff Girls shirt, which you can see Blossom and Buttercup in the shirt.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer[]

  • In the sixteenth episode of season five, "The Body", a pink shirt with a The Powerpuff Girls logo was seen in Willow's closet, while she was panicking over what clothes to wear to her mother's funeral.

Camp Camp[]

  • In the episode, "After Hours" a gang of three boys known as "The Junkers" appeared and their designs were heavily based on those of The Rowdyruff Boys.

Courage the Cowardly Dog[]

  • In the episode "The Ride of the Valkyries", there is a Powerpuff Girls poster.


  • In the Chowder episode "The Hot Date", Miss Bellum made an appearance as someone's date. She also proclaims that she got caught up because the 'town' was being attacked again by monsters, likely referring to Townsville. Unlike the rest of the characters, she was animated in Adobe Animate rather than digital ink like the show itself used during the second half of the show.
  • In "The Heist", Mung Daal's head explodes and becomes replaced by Bubbles's head saying "Wow, that's sweeeeet" after tasting the Sweet Sapphire crystal. Much like Ms. Bellum's cameo, she was animated in Adobe Animate rather than digital ink. Also, a remixed version of The Powerpuff Girls theme tune can be heard briefly.
    • Incidentally, Dwight Schultz, Mung's voice actor, also voiced Lester van Luster in the "Small World" episodes of the reboot series.
  • In "The Toots", three animals very closely resembling the Powerpuff Girls appear in the audience.


Dexter's Laboratory[]

  • In the episode "Tele Trauma", Dexter had a machine that kept making him quote things he saw on TV and one of those quotes was "Townsville's in trouble!"
  • In the episode "Germ Warfare", there were three talking Amoebas that look similar to the Amoeba Boys and sounded like them.
  • The narrator for the "Dial M for Monkey" episodes is the same narrator in The Powerpuff Girls.
  • In the episode "School Girl Crushed", one of the kids had a model of a city as his tsunami project and it was of The City of Townsville.
  • In "Star Check Unconventional", Dexter and his crew walk past dolls that resemble Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.
  • In "Aye Aye Eyes", during a music video, Dee Dee and another girl are seen dancing while Dexter is seen unamused and not dancing all on a slower pulsating heart background.
  • In "Used Ink", when Mandark gets Dee Dee to kiss him, there is a pink heart background similar to that of The Powerpuff Girls.

Drawn Together[]

  • In the episode "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education", a pregnant Bubbles is seen waiting in the hospital.
    • In the same episode, when Spanky Ham proposed to Xandir, the billboard above the hockey rink showed the hearts that are usually at the end of every episode.
  • In the episode "The One Wherein There Is a Big Twist, Part II", there were pictures of Blossom and Buttercup seen in the resumes of the blown up building.

Eat Bulaga!/E.A.T. (2023)[]

  • Screenshot 20231209-123515
    As of December 9, 2023, Saturday; In the part of segment "Sugod Bahay" the E.A.T. Carolling Group name is "The Powerpuff Girls" in Brgy. Olympia, Makati City, NCR. But Joey De Leon Mentioned "Powerpuff".

Since the new name in June 2023 (renamed and back the Original name as "Eat Bulaga!" since 1979 up to Now).


  • In the episode "Next of Kin", a woman abandoned her baby at the hospital and clamped his umbilical cord with a Powerpuff Girls barrette. Carter erroneously referred to them as "Powderpuff" girls, and Susan corrected him.


PPG on Amy's TV

Evil Con Carne[]

  • In the episode "Ultimate Evil", General Skarr forced Boskov to watch The Powerpuff Girls.
  • In the episode "Hector King of the Britons", The Lady of the Lake asked Hector to impersonate a fight between Huckleberry Hound and Mojo Jojo. When he was impersonating Mojo Jojo, he mentioned the Powerpuff Girls.

Excel Saga[]

  • Ropponmatsu 2 deactivates a time bomb, that's about to blow up the city. When he does, a bunch of weird things fly out of the breaking down time bomb. One of which is Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls.

The Fairly OddParents[]

  • In "Frenemy Mine", The animation of hearts when Vicky hugs Timmy, is similar to the ending gag of every episode of the series with the narrator's saying: "And so, once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!"
  • In "Tiny Timmy!", the bacterias that surround Princess Protozoa bears a resemblance to the Amoeba Boys.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends[]

  • In Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: House of Bloo's, there was an imaginary friend of Mojo Jojo. Wilt said that sometimes kids get ideas for imaginary friends off of what they see on TV. Mojo was also seen in the closing credits for Part Two of the episode in place of Jackie Khones.
  • In the Halloween episode "Nightmare on Wilson Way", Frankie is dressed as Blossom, as well as one of the Imaginary Friends dressed as Bubbles, in a flashback, Bloo is dressed as Mojo Jojo.
  • In the episode "Land of the Flea", there was a flea on Eduardo dressed up like the Mayor and even sounded like him too.
  • In the episode "Say It Isn't Sew", Bloo was looking through some stickers and one of them was of Blossom's head.
  • Frankie's shirt vaguely resembles three silhouettes of The Powerpuff Girls: Blossom in pink, Bubbles in light blue, and Buttercup in light green.
  • In "Destination Imagination", a doppelgänger of Frankie is seen wearing a Mojo Jojo shirt.
  • In "A Lost Claus", one of Mac's presents is titled "The Art of PowerPuff Girls".
  • In one episode "Challenge of the Superfriends", Mac and Bloo found a superhero imaginary friend named Imaginary Man who looked like a mixture of Major Man and Major Glory. There was a lot of Powerpuff Girls related undertones in this episode. The episode began with a reporter (also voiced by Tom Kenny) saying "The City" the way the narrator would in The Powerpuff Girls and the episode ended with Bloo saying "And so once again the day is saved" and whenever Imaginary Man and his enemy sister Nemesister flew, they would make the same sounds and leave behind streaks of light the way the Powerpuff Girls do.
  • In "Cookie Dough", Bloo's cookie operation has got a order from the City of Townsville.

Fresh Off the Boat[]

  • In the episode "Hal-Lou-Ween", three girls were dressed as The Powerpuff Girls for Halloween. Louis mistook them as "feminine insects" and the blonde girl, "Bubbles" corrected him. The girls later came back, and Bubbles cursed at Louis and Jessica for giving them raisins instead of candy, as the trio pelted them with their raisin boxes and fled.

Gilmore Girls[]

  • In the episode "Run Away Little Boy", Lorelai talks to Rory about long awaiting the day, when they save up enough to buy some Powerpuff Girl themed shot glasses.
  • In the episode "Lorelai Out of Water", Lorelai writes a message on a Powerpuff Girls postcard.

Goin' Bulilit[]

20210917 200538
  • In this funny part on "Goin' Bulilit Halloween Episode", Nikki Bagaporo is seen wearing a Powerpuff Girls shirt.
  • In this funny part on that Episode, Sharline San Pedro Behinds Powerpuff Girls sticker and other Cartoon Character stickers on the wall at sari sari store that can be seen.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy/Codename: Kids Next Door[]

  • At the end of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode "My Fair Mandy", Grim, Mandy and Billy ended up in the Powerpuff Girls universe (taking the roles of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup respectively) due to the effects of Mandy smiling. Professor Utonium showed up and Mojo Jojo was mentioned to have broken into the theatre without paying (which was the reason the professor woke the "girls" up). In the ending credits of the episode, Irwin was dressed as Mojo Jojo and he was in his evil lair.
  • There is a girl resembling Princess Morbucks in the beginning of "My Fair Mandy." She also appeared once again in "The Wrongest Yard" with the crowd watching Mindy cheerleading.
  • In the episode "Sickly Sweet", when Mandy first arrives, she threatens to "open up a can of Powerpuff" on Billy and Grim.
  • In the episode "Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus", it is revealed that Principal Goodvibes collects Powerpuff Girls merchandise.
  • In the crossover with Codename: Kids Next Door episode: "The Grim Adventures of the KND", when Billy opened the door and see Sector V of the KND, he said "Hey! You're not the Powerpuff Girls". Later in the episode, When the Delightful Reaper was dissolving after Numbuh 1 and Grim defeated it, a bunch of kids that were merged into it were exploding out. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were among them. This means the Delightful Reaper had, off-screen, came to Townsville and merged the Powerpuff Girls in.

It's Showtime[]

  • In the It's Showtime segment, Sine Mo 'To, the title of Sine Mo 'To Stories #17 is The Flower Pot Girls, which is a parody of The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Images 23
    Vice Ganda is seen wearing a Powerpuff Girls sweater in a few episodes.

It's Your Lucky Day[]

  • Screenshot 20231019-135243
    Divine Tetay is seen wearing a Powerpuff Girls pants in the October 18th 2023 episode.

Johnny Bravo[]

  • In A Johnny Bravo Christmas, A PPG plush can be seen as all 3 girls.
  • At the end of "Johnny Makeover", Don Knotts suggests that he, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and the Blue Falcon give the Powerpuff Girls a makeover next, with the Blue Falcon stating that they could use some fingers.

Kid Cosmic[]

  • The Planet Protection Group is a direct reference to the Powerpuff Girls, as they share the same acronym and the same voice actresses in the original series.

King of the Hill[]

  • The title of the 3rd episode of Season 12 is "The Powder Puff Boys".

The King of Queens[]

Kirby is Blossom
  • In the episode "Ticker Treat", Kirby dresses up as Blossom for Halloween since there were no black superheroes for him to go as. Deacon was worried that this meant his son was gay but Doug assured him that most drag queens were straight.

MAD (Cartoon Network series)[]

  • In an episode of MAD "The Celebrity Ape-rentice", Mojo Jojo is one of the apprentices and brought up the Powerpuff Girls.
  • In an episode of MAD "2 Broke Powerpuff Girls", it featured a story about Bubbles and Buttercup broke and working for HIM. They were also kicked out of their apartment by Mojo Jojo and Blossom was living successfully. In the theme song for this segment of the show, the heads of Ace, Lil' Arturo and Grubber were also seen. Tom Kane and Tara Strong reprise HIM and Bubbles, respectively.
  • In an episode of MAD "I Am Lorax", Mojo Jojo appears as a zombie.
  • In an episode of MAD "Once Upon a Toon", Blossom was one of the cartoon characters who tried to bring their show back. Also, Samurai Jack cut a shrub into the shape of The Powerpuff Girls.
  • In an episode of MAD "Total Recall Me Maybe / The Asgardigans", Mojo Jojo appears in the "Who Wore it Better?" skit.

MADtv (Live-action sketch series)[]

There is a segment featuring a parody called "The Powerslut Girls", with Paris Hilton as Blossom, Tara Reid as Bubbles and Brittany Murphy as Buttercup. The two segments were, "Miracle on 34 Calories!" and "Attention Deficit Eating Disorder", though the title card is barely the same from The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium's appearance is exactly the same and the color of his lab coat is black and the news reporter hair is also similar of Kid Utonium.

Malcolm in the Middle[]

In the episode "Grandparents", a flashback showed a montage of the past five years, explaining how the recklessness of the Wilkerson boys is what caused the refrigerator to break down so soon. In the flashback, refrigerator magnets of Mojo Jojo, Blossom and Buttercup were seen on the door.


  • In the first episode, the theme song was heard in the DoBois home.

The Middle[]

  • In the episode "Valentine's Day", the mom passed out different kinds of Valentine's Day cards. One of the kinds of cards was for The Powerpuff Girls.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic[]

  • In "Power Ponies", Spike ends their victory by saying "Once again, the day is saved," which the narrator ends each episode with in The Powerpuff Girls.

My Wife and Kids[]

  • In the episode "He Said, She Said", Kady said she wanted to watch The Powerpuff Girls on the TV in the living room. Kyle Senior, however, was planning on watching the basketball game on that very TV, so he told Kady that she could not do that, because The Powerpuff Girls were at home, watching the basketball game.
  • In the episode "What Do You Know?", as part of a guessing game, Kady quizzed Fraklin on what her favorite Powerpuff Girl. Franklin, not knowing anything about The Powerpuff Girls guessed a bunch of random names that didn't belong to any of the girls. These names were Barney, Pinky, Trixy, Twinky, Lucky, and Sticky.

Mighty Magiswords[]

  • In the episode "Like Water for Bimm" during the "Grup gag" opening sequence, Grup is dressed up as Bubbles.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir[]

  • In the Episode "Gigantitan" sometimes that Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Alix Kubdel are saying about the word "Buttercup".


  • Mentioned in discussion regarding what female superhero Abby is like.

Odyssey 5[]

  • In the episode "The Trouble with Harry", it was mentioned by Harry.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes[]

  • In "Crossover Nexus," abandoned Malph's and Townsville Hall buildings can be seen in the background of Cartoon Network City. The Talking Dog makes a cameo among the petrified heroes in the Cartoon Network Studios building, and a poster of the Powerpuff Girls can be seen in another background. Buttercup also makes a cameo as one of the characters Ben briefly turns into.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt[]

PSG puff cameo

The entire series features an art style very similar to that of the Powerpuff Girls. In the English version of the episode "Sex and the Daten City", Panty's manager arranges a meeting with Bubbles and to send a birthday card to Blossom, and in the episode "The Turmoil of the Beehive", a Powerpuff Girl-esque character can be seen in the crowd.

Paradise PD[]

  • In the episode "A Star is Porn", Kevin watched pornographic parodies of children's cartoons. One of them he mentioned was "Power-Buff Girls".

Pilipinas Game KNB?[]

  • In an episode of this game show as of April 18, 2005, On Pyramid Round, In this Question that gave by the Host, "Ms. Kris Aquino" mentioned Which is "Sa Cartoons, Sinong Powerpuff Girl ang dress in pink?" That his/her as the Guest Answered "Bubbles" Which is wrong the Answer, But the otherwise his/her as the Guest Answered "Blossom" Which is Correct the Answer.
  • In This Episode of this Game Show as of August 24, 2021 (Remastered Episode), On Abante and Atrase Round, In this Question that gave by the Host, "Mr. Edu Manzano" mentioned Which is "Sa Cartoons, Sinong Powerpuff Girl ang kulay pink ang mata?" The choices are the following are "Blossom", "Buttercup" or "Bubbles". That his/her as the Guest Answered "Blossom" Which is Correct the Answer.


  • In the episode "Spyke Drives", someone was wearing a Powerpuff Girls shirt.

Rerere no Tensai Bakabon[]

  • In Episode 21B, the Police Officer with the connected eyes was reading the Powerpuff Girls manga where Blossom appeared.

Robot Chicken[]

  • In the sketch "Grown-Up Halloween" from the episode "Link's Sausages", two girls dressed up as Blossom and Buttercup during their Halloween party.
  • Episode 4 from the Season 2 episode "Celebrity Rocket", in the sketch titled "Power Puff Stem Cell Research", the Girls have their exact same counterparts from the classic series. The Professor says that's all thanks to stem cell research. Then the Girls replied "Uh-huh!".
  • Episode 7 from the Season 4 episode "I Love Her", in the sketch "Perfect Little Girls Who Flip the F&%$ Out", when the Narrator says, "Sugar, spice, everything nice and cocaine. The recipe for perfect little girls who flip the f&%$ out!" was a reference from the classic series opening sequence. Also, the turban-wearing monkey villain is based off Mojo Jojo and the Girl's counterparts was also referencing the knock-off versions from the classic series episode "Knock It Off".
  • In the sketch "Townsville's Injustice System" from the episode "May Cause a Squeakquel", the Girls blame the Mayor for not funding the punitive justice system that would have allowed Townsville's villains to rehabilitate so they wouldn't have to imprison them time after time and beat him up as retribution.

Samurai Jack[]

  • Episode 2 from Samurai Jack, "The Samurai Called Jack", partially takes place in what appears to be the ruins of Townsville where Aku has enslaved futuristic dog-creatures.

Saturday Night Live[]

Powerpuffs vs

The Powerpuff Girls vs. The X Presidents

  • In one of the TV Funhouse segments, "The X Presidents", The Powerpuff Girls showed up to beat up George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald Ford for kidnapping SpongeBob. Blossom was the only one to speak, saying "We'll save you, SpongeBob!". George W. Bush said that he'd be beating up Buttercup, and called her the "bitchy" member of the group. The X Presidents won the fight, but they realized that they had just beaten up a bunch of little girls. They edited a video of them beating up the girls, by photoshopping turbans on all their heads to make them look like terrorists and to make them look like the good guys.

The Simpsons[]

  • In the episode "The Dad Who Knew Too Little", when Homer and Lisa blacken their hair, Lisa says: "I look just like a Powerpuff Girl". This is a reference to Buttercup.
  • In the episode "Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy", Lisa had a timeline called “Cartoon Women’s History”. Historical female cartoon characters included The Powerpuff Girls.
  • In the episode "Lisa's Belly", The Powerpuff Girls were in Lisa's mind, being crushed by the word "CHUNKY".

Six Feet Under[]

  • The Gorodetskys have this show on in their van.

Sofia the First[]


Sophie Playing With Buttercup Doll
  • In the episode "Gone", Sophie was seen playing with a Buttercup plushie doll, when she was first talking to Daisy over the phone.


  • In the episode "Bring on the Bad Guys", Panda-Madia calls Hippo "Fuzzy Lumpkins".

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa[]

  • In the episode "The Message", when Greg tried to receive the message from the Wailing Stone, it shows a speaker with the Powerpuff Girls logo, but just the word "Power".
  • At the end of "Say Uncle" (the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover), the Powerpuff Girls (along with some other CN characters) are listed on Uncle Grandpa's checklist of people to visit.
  • In the episode "Pizza Eve", they were featuring the Cartoon Network "Grampie" awards, where all of the Cartoon Network celebrities were at an award show, being given awards for their performances. The Powerpuff Girls from the 2016 TV series were seen in the audience. Buttercup was also heard, angrily saying "Whatever" when she heard that she didn't win, just as Uncle Grandpa ran by and stepped on her head. Buttercup was also voiced by the same voice actor, from this reiteration, Natalie Palamides.


  • In "The Jeans Family", A PPG book can be seen at the supermarket.
  • In "The Naszkiewicz Family", Tanner can be seen with a Powerpuff Girls beach towel while Jordan and Tanner came back from the swimming pool.

Teen Titans Go![]

  • The episodes "Pie Bros", "Breakfast Cheese", and "Boys vs. Girls" had references to the Powerpuff Girls.
  • The Whisperer's appearance is similar to the Powerpuff Girls' appearance.
  • In the episode "Shrimps and Prime Rib", the Titans mentioned the crossover with the Powerpuff Girls in "TTG v PPG".
  • In "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!", a poster outside the Warner Bros. Studios lot shows the Powerpuff Girls in Titans Tower with the Titans. You can briefly see Starfire dressed as Bubbles. also, in this episode, Tara Strong demonstrate she was the former voice of Bubbles among her other popular roles to Raven.
  • In “Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary”, the Girls made a cameo in the crowd, albeit in a hybrid of their rebooted and original designs.

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee[]

  • In this Episode,.. Juniper Lee is Metioned about "I've Got 300 Episodes of The Powerpuff Girls on TV...".

The Loud House[]

  • The episode "Pulp Friction" stars with the city skyline, which resembles The City of Townsville.
  • In the episode "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", when Sergio falls victim to the love potion, the pulsating hearts are similar to "The Day is Saved" joke used in the ending of every episode.

Totally Spies![]

20230208 205228
  • In the episode "Alex Quits", the background is similar to the The Powerpuff Girls ending hearts background.

Two and a Half Men[]

  • A Buttercup toy briefly appears in the episode "Big Floppy Bastards," when Charlie buys Jake an Xbox. Coincidentally, E.G. Daily, who voiced Buttercup, provided the singing voice for Jake in the opening and closing theme songs of seasons 1–8, and the first two episodes of season 9.


A recurring background prop in the series is a stuffed doll of Blossom, which is generally used in scenes, taking place in the girls' college dorm room.

Blossom on Rachel's Couch

The Blossom toy's appearance in "The Perfect Date".

  • In the episode "The Perfect Date", a stuffed pillow doll of Blossom can be seen, lying down on the couch in Rachel's dorm room.
  • In the episode "Hal and Hillary", the Blossom doll appears again.
  • In the episode "Eric's POV", the Blossom doll appears again.

United States of Tara[]

  • In the very first episode of the series, Tara called Ben a "Powerpuff Boy".

Veronica Mars[]

  • In the episode "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough", Veronica mentions the show.


  • Mojo appeared and was the subject of review by the characters Black Hat and Dr. Flug in "The Lost Cases of Townsville".

Wander Over Yonder[]

The ending of the episode "The Boy Wander" was a reference to the classic Powerpuff Girls ending, with Commander Peepers (voiced by the Narrator himself, Tom Kenny) speaking the line "And so once again, the day is saved thanks to... Wander and Sylvia." Wander Over Yonder is another cartoon by Craig McCracken.

In the episode "The Hero", Sir Brad Starlight looks vaguely like Major Glory from Dexter's Laboratory and from the classic Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only".

Also, in the episode "The It", the Night Mayor (the episode title from the original Powerpuff Girls series) looks like the Mayor of Townsville.

We Bare Bears[]

  • In "The Library", when Chloe and the Bears are dashing, the sound made is the dashing sound from the original series.


  • Megan mentions a Powerpuff Girls shirt she was wearing

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?[]

  • On the 2000 Halloween episode, Regis opens the show by mentioning him and the Powerpuff Girls are the most popular choice of Halloween costume among kids.
  • And in a behind-the-scenes special aired in May of that same year, one of the contestant coordinators has a picture of Buttercup as a wallpaper on her office computer.

World's Dumbest...[]

  • In the TruTV series World's Dumbest on Daredevils 10, during #18 Croc Food, a girl has a Powerpuff Girls lunchbox.


  • In the episode "Cop Tricks", Karen calls Jess a Powerpuff Girl.

X-Men: Evolution[]

  • X-Men: Evolution has an episode where Blob and Toad are watching Ersatz-parodies of the Girls during breakfast. They're even fighting an andromorphic monkey based on Mojo!



A plush doll of Bubbles is seen, lying on Cherri's bed.

Akeelah and the Bee[]

Akeelah has a Powerpuff Girls lamp in her room.

20210917 195940

Aliens in the Attic[]

Hannah in the movie has a Powerpuff Girls backpack.


Blade II[]

Chupa watches the scene from Down 'n' Dirty where Buttercup is chased by an angry mob on a TV. Later, Whistler nicknames Chupa "Buttercup".

Bring It On: All or Nothing[]

A cheerleader said "Powerpuff is just as good as any of us".

The Change-Up[]

Playing on the television when Mitch and Dave try to explain the situation to Jamie.

Charlie's Angels[]


Dancing at the Blue Iguana[]

Angel wears a Powerpuff Girls T-shirt while being arrested.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes[]


Don't Say a Word[]

Bubbles and Buttercup plush toys are seen in Conrad's daughter's room.


Michael reads off of Santa's list, and one of the toys mentioned is a Powerpuff Girls playset.

Free bird[]

The tv plays a show similar to Powerpuff girls.

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 4.01.28 PM

I Know That Voice[]

A short clip of "Shut the Pup Up" plays when Tara Strong talks about versatility in voice acting. E.G. Daily has a plush toy of Buttercup at her house. During the end credits role call, Jennifer Hale speaks like Princess Morbucks and Tara speaks like Bubbles.

The Hebrew Hammer[]


The Hot Chick[]

Powerpuff Girls merchandise is shown five times. April can be shown wearing a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt at the school scene, a rainbow Bubbles t-shirt that says "Smiley" in the mall scene and Powerpuff Girls pajama pants. Jessica (while in a man's body) can be shown wearing Powerpuff Girls pajamas in a sleepover scene and wears a pink and purple Powerpuff Girls t-shirt.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days[]




Inspector Gadget 2[]

In a deleted scene, the Gadgetmobile, parked outside the Blue Monkey biker bar, tells Penny, Inspector Gadget's niece, that she should be at home watching The Powerpuff Girls.

Gadgetmobile: "I can't believe I let you talk me into this!"

Penny: "Uncle Gadget needs me, he just doesn't know it yet."

Gadgetmobile: "You should be at home watching The Powerpuff Girls, not out here acting like one. If I had half a mind, I'd go home, I'm telling you here."

Penny: "Gadgetmobile?" "How would you feel if I had your clutch pulled through your exhaust pipe?!"

Gadgetmobile: "HEY!" "We're on the same side, remember?" "The side of not getting ourselves killed?"

Penny: "Come on, Brain."

That particular deleted scene can be found on the 2:55 mark of this video.

It Runs in the Family[]

A huge Buttercup plush doll is seen in a college dorm.

Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie[]


The Lake House[]

When Kate is watching TV this is what's on.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action[]

In the film's screenplay draft, it was shown that The Powerpuff Girls were originally gonna have a cameo appearance in the film, where in the restaurant scene in which Kate tried to show Bugs Bunny a more modern look for himself, but he was distracted giving autographs to the girls, who thank him and leave, breaking a glass in the process. This scene wasn't in the final cut of the movie.

A Mighty Wind[]

Leonard Crabbe (Mickey's then-new love interest) is watching the train scene from "Him Diddle Riddle".

O Brother, Where Art Thou?[]


Scary Movie 2[]

Powerpuff Girls merchandise is shown twice in the film. The first appearance is on Alex's (played by Tori Spelling) bag when she is introduced and walking with the other girls, and the second is a large plastic figure of Blossom on a shelf in Cindy's (played by Anna Faris) room near the end of the film.


Before the flashback ends, after Mystery Inc. kicked Scrappy-Doo out, he mentions he's "as cute as a Powerpuff Girl".

The Secret Lives of Dentists[]


Sorority Boys[]



Seen on a TV.


Bernie had a sticker of The Powerpuff Girls on her bedroom wall.



Scream 6[]

Someone cosplaying as Mojo Jojo. https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxsJCzyWsOchc1ar-tbVTKH52LVbQvvJre

Video games[]

Brawl Stars[]

Spike has a new skin that looks similar to the PowerPuff Girls.


Spike as a PowerPuff Girl

Cookie Run[]

Almost every character's arms, legs, bodies, and appearance is similar to those of the Powerpuff Girls' arms, legs, bodies, and appearance. This is also noticed with Cherry Cookie, whose pigtails are similar to that of Bubbles' and wears nearly identical shoes and stockings.

Dead or Alive 2[]


Hollywood Squares[]

In the 2010 Ubisoft/Ludia versions, a Powerpuff Girls question exists under any of the generic stand-ins occupying the other eight squares.

Said question is as follows:

"If you need help, who can you call by picking up a toy telephone at the Pokey Oaks Kindergarten?"

The false answer in this case is the Power Rangers.

Injustice 2[]


Jackbox Games[]

In You Don't Know Jack: Full Stream, during the Jack Attack round, if the clue is "My Signature Look", one of six random answers under its category of "Shoes, usually" is The Powerpuff Girls. Said answer is correct.



In the PS2, and the 2003 PC games. A question of the Powerpuff Girls exists in the 'Cartoons' category.

Lego Dimensions[]

The Powerpuff Girls franchise and characters are featured in different packs in Lego Dimensions.


During the alpha versions of the game, one of the menu splashes says, "Go Bubbles!" which is a reference to the Powerpuff girl, Bubbles, but this feature was removed in the game in update 1.0. It is unknown why this splash text was removed. This splash text is very rare in the alpha version.

Skywire VIP Extended[]

Who Are These Three Girls

One of the VIP groups is The Powerpuff Girls. (Although in the context of the game, their name is spelled "Power Puff Girls"). Their clue is "American television series featuring a trio of super powered girls."

Internet media[]


The minecraft axolotl video features three mafia axolotls who resemble the Amoeba Boys.

Axolotl Mafia

Game Grumps[]

In "Game Grumps Animated - A Fine Day for Mayoring - by Perry Hull", there's a certain point where Luigi is portrayed in the style of the Mayor of Townsville.

Glove and Boots[]

A puppet version of Mojo Jojo appears as one of the presidential candidates in "Presidential Candidates - They Could Be Worse."

  • The subtitle "TURN CONGRESS INTO DOGS" PLAN OPPOSED BY BOTH PARTIES" is likely a reference to the episode Monkey See, Doggie Do.

Lele Pons[]

Multiple videos parodying The Powerpuff Girls happened, portraying the title characters.

  • In the video "Keeping Up With The Powerpuff Girls, which parodied Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Powerpuff Girls.
  • In "The Powerpuff Girls Get Arrested", a parody involved The Powerpuff Girls accidentally helping out a robbery, in the process of trying to stop it.
  • In "The Powerpuff Girls Go On Dates", the girls and three boys are interviewed about the dates they just went on. During Bubbles' date, she and Jake Paul watch her own show, and clips from Mr. Mojo's Rising and Cat Man Do are shown.


Ryan did an animated parody of The Powerpuff Girls, where they girls berate Professor Utonium for creating them without fingers. During a fight with HIM, they decide to become friends, after realizing how they're the same for both being freaks and social outcasts.

Nostalgia Critic[]

One of the episodes of Nostalgia Critic is him reviewing The Powerpuff Girls Movie.

Sr Pelo[]

  • In the Mokey's Show episode, "426 - Superhero", Grooby injects the Girls into Mokey to turn him into a superhero. The first few notes of "Who's Got the Power?" are sung by Pelo when they appear onscreen.
    • Professor Utonium appears in the post-end screen scene only to be taken away by a hostile monkey, likely referencing Mojo.


The Powerpuff Girls have been the subject of many WatchMojo videos and their content has made it onto many of their Top 10 lists.


Archie & Friends[]

  • In the panels from "Puff Piece" in Archie & Friends Double Digest #26, Chuck draws a new strip called Riverdale Darlin's which is a parody of the Powerpuff Girls.

Cat Kid Comic Club[]

The Baby Frog Squad's skin colors look a lot like the Powerpuff Girls' shirt colors, except the one resembling Blossom is red, not pink.

My Little Pony IDW Comics[]

Pony versions of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup appear in the "Friends Forever" comic, issue number 16.

Nickelodeon Magazine[]

An issue shows a page with a grown-up Bubbles as an eye surgeon.


The pin-up of issue #10 titled "A Bridge Between Two Worlds", Blossom's face can be seen in Will's jumper patch.



  • On the back of the album cover for the Gorillaz album "G-sides", 2D is seen wearing a T-shirt with Mojo Jojo on it.
  • Ace from the Gangreen Gang replaces the Band Leader and creator Murdoc for the band's Sixth Studio Album The Now Now

Sexbomb Vs D'Bodies[]

  • On the album cover for Sexbomb Choopeta Vs D'Bodies Kiliti album, the 1998 version of Buttercup can be seen.

Vanessa Carlton[]

  • One of the locations seen in the 2002 music video for "A Thousand Miles" is a part supply store with pinatas of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup for sale.


Braves Baseball[]

  • In the 2003 Braves commercial, The Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup appear on the white background singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".



Paskotitap: 2011[]

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  • On December 2011 in Pasig City, Philippines when the people celebrated; In this parade there's a Powerpuff Girls Big Figure made of Styrofoam on the 15th place/line of Mobile car with Christmas Lights That can be seen at the street.

Santa Parade 2016[]

The Powerpuff Girls in Auckland 2016
  • On December 2016, in Auckland, New Zealand, there was a parade with floats of famous characters from movies, TV shows, and video games. One of the floats they had were of the then newly created 2016 versions of The Powerpuff Girls, accompanied by little girls walking alongside it, dressed as Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.