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Professor Utonium's house, Townsville


Moonbeam Sunshine
The Fog


Princess (by Manboy)
Buttlyn (by the Derbytantes)
Buttzilla (by Blossom and Bubbles)
Butterbutt (by Princess Morbucks)
The Green One (by Princess Morbucks)
Ms. Punch-A-Lot[1]


Flight, Laser Vision, Energy Projection




The Powerpuff Girls
The Derbytantes

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Out of universe information

2016 series

First appearance

Escape from Monster Island

Last appearance

Sideline Dad

Created by

Craig McCracken

Voiced by

Natalie Palamides (English)
Ana Elena Bittencourt (Brazilian Portuguese)
Joana Castro (European Portuguese)
Olivia Luccioni (French)
Jocelyn Robles (Latin American Spanish)
Joël Mulachs (speaking); Marta Covas (singing) (European Spanish)
Monica Bertolotti (Italian)
Tomo Muranaka (Japanese)

Teachers and Students

Ms. Keane


"If you're looking for a fight, ol' Buttercup can satisfy your need for a beatdown."
— Buttercup to Manboy in the episode, Man-Up

Buttercup Utonium is the tritagonist of The Powerpuff Girls. She is known for being the most aggressive of the team.


Like the other girls, not much has changed her personality. Among the Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup is a happy-go-lucky tomboy and the most aggressive like her original 1998 series counterpart, usually having an angrier disposition in comparison to Bubbles and Blossom. However, she happens to be somewhat of a troublemaker. Like her original counterpart, she appears to enjoy fighting villains and criminals and despise girly things like skirts and scrapbooking. Buttercup would rather hang out with The Derbytantes, a punk culture gang of roller skaters. She really enjoys playing death ball with them and is considered a very good friend to them. In particular, Buttercup hates being called "princess", as she will fly into an annoyed rage at the villains who call her as such. Her new voice has also been used to exaggerate her tomboyish nature. Also through new facial expressions, her anger is simply seen. A skull and crossbones and/or fire will appear in her eyes when she is angry or has an evil grin on her face. However, she is seen to be more sarcastic in this series. She is also sassy. She can be quite rude and standoffish, and sometimes beats up others with little provocation.

As shown later on in the 2016 reboot series, Buttercup is shown to be slightly good at programming as demonstrated in the episode Oh, Daisy! when she reprogrammed Daisy with ease. Bubbles also comments on this towards the end of the episode, claiming that programming takes a lot of skill. This episode also reveals that she is pretty laidback and a slight rule-breaker.


Like her original counterpart, Buttercup has short black hair in a flip with a small triangular part on her forehead; her

Tumblr om9g46fzqB1uwtz8qo2 1280.jpg
design slightly differs in that her hair also has a slight cowlick, which adds to her character and personality. She has lime green eyes, and she wears a lime green dress with a black horizontal stripe in the middle, white tights, and black Mary Janes.

In the episode "Trouble Clef" when she, Bubbles, and Blossom are at Morebucks' concert, Buttercup's hair is styled like her Powerpunk counterpart Brute. She wears a maroon colored top covered by a purple vest and red jeans and purple boots.

In the episodes "Man Up 2: Still Man-ing" and "Summer Bummer", she is shown in swimwear on those occasions. In Summer Bummer, Buttercup is shown with a green swimsuit and green and light blue board shorts. In Man Up 2: Still Man-ing, she is shown with the same green swimsuit but with blue outlines and moss green board shorts.

In "The Fog", Buttercup is posing as a villain named "The Fog". She looks like a regular cloud. He has yellow eyes with red pupils and he has a blue tongue. If he's evil he will become bigger and gray.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Playing Video Games
  • Fighting
  • Explosions
  • Teasing her sisters
  • The Sensitive Thugz
  • The Derbytantes
  • Judge Trudy
  • Goofing off
  • Having fun
  • Being cool
  • Her sisters - Bubbles, Blossom, & Bliss
  • Playing "Baybee Bunnies"
  • The color black
  • The color blue
  • Comedies
  • Candy
  • Manly stuff
  • Being silly
  • Kickball
  • Parties
  • Money
  • Death Ball
  • Bottlecap Collecting
  • Space Towtruck
  • Writing Fanfictions
  • Rockets
  • Tanks
  • Farting


Powers and Abilities

Like her sisters, Buttercup has superhuman strength, agility, enhanced endurance & durability, limited invulnerability, superhuman reflexes, and the ability to fly. She is also good at rollerskating.

Green Energy Projection

She also has the power to project light-green energy constructs from her body, which can take the shape of any dangerous military weapons, from a missile launcher to a cannon. Her 1998 counterpart does not possess the ability whatsoever in the original series.

Laser Vision

Buttercup often use her laser vision ability during battles or when she is angered. Currently, she has not been seen using a unique ability, similar to in the original series (disregarding the ability to tongue curl).







"What are you, a damsel in distress or a dope with a death wish?"

"You guys, stop it! This isn't you!"

"(Sarcastically) Wow, awesome. A flamingo."
— Buttercup after being turned into a flamingo by Janitaur

"Dax would be proud."

"Yep, total death wish."

"Eat hot missile, Weenie Man!"

"Dude, who are you talking to?"
— Buttercup as a raven in The Squashening

"I'm sorry, old friend."
— Buttercup as a zombie slayer in The Squashening



  • Compared to her original counterpart, Buttercup's eyes and dress are a lighter shade of green.
  • This Buttercup and her sisters' energy manipulation powers are reminiscent of that of Green Lantern's power ring.
    • Buttercup's energy manipulation, however, has the most striking resemblance to the Green Lantern because her trademark color is that precise shade of green.
  • When Buttercup's green-energy projection glows, there are little triangles that can be seen floating around the outline for it. In reality, the triangle is a symbol of competitiveness, athleticism, and they want to be dominating.
  • Buttercup uses her laser vision ability the most out of the girls. This could be a reference to her anime counterpart, which is the only one shown using laser vision unlike in the original series.
  • It's ironic that being a girl, Buttercup likes manly stuff instead of girly stuff.
  • Buttercup doesn't like being called a princess.
  • Buttercup's fear of spiders was shared by her 1998 counterpart from the original series.
  • Compared to her original series counterpart, she is a bit more laid back and sarcastic.
  • In the storyboard art for the episode Escape from Monster Island, Buttercup lacked her cowlick and resembled her 1998 counterpart.
  • Buttercup's voice and behavior are similar to Bart Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • She is very good at math, unlike her 1998 counterpart.
  • Buttercup to the second Powerpuff Girl to fart in the reboot. This first being Bubbles, with her farting in Mini Golf Madness, The Tell Tale Schedulebot, and Oh, Daisy!.
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  1. Splitsville,her pen name
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