Buttercup's New Moves
Season 1, Episode 68
Episode name pun on: The Emperor's New Groove
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Buttercup's New Moves is the sixty-eighth episode of Powerpuff Girls Z.


Buttercup Falls for a Masked Wrestler.


Act One

On one of the Finest Days in New Townsville, Buttercup Wakes up and says good morning to her two brothers Dai and Shou and her mom, Michiru. Then Buttercup sees her father, Tokio Matsubara sleeping on the couch and tries to take off her mask while her brothers tell her that he never takes it off. Buttercup thinks that her father's face can be revealed if she took it off. But when she got too close to him, her father wakes up and grabs her too hard and shouts that no one touches his mask which Buttercup tells her that she is grasping her too hard and lets her go while apologizing and hugs her really strong.

A few minutes later, everyone is at the table eating breakfast and Buttercup asks her father to reveal himself, but he tells her that his mask remains on until he retires. Then Tokio tells Michiru about her cooking and makes her blush.

Later on, Buttercup walks with Blossom and Bubbles about her father who never removes her mask and even shows her images before he started wrestling and Buttercup's father's face is never seen, especially since he started wrestling. Then Buttercup walks backwards and accidentally bumps into someone who has big biceps. He gives Buttercup her grasp to stand up while apologizing. Then Buttercup thinks that he looks familiar and says that he'll see her later on (It is revealed that he's Danny Wilson). Buttercup tells Danny that they can meet sometime. Blossom complains about him while Bubbles tells her about Danny that he's a fan of wrestling. Buttercup unexpectedly thinks about Danny Wilson as her coach but she feels a little depressed that she will not even be on the team yet until Blossom tells her that she can help Buttercup that she could get the upper hand which Buttercup does not accept. Buttercup tells Bubbles that she should be team leader which Blossom cries that she should be the team leader.

Later at school, Blossom and Bubbles meet up with Danny Wilson and tell her they work for the school newspaper and asks Danny if she coaches girls as well which he said that he never tries and Blossom tells her someday he would (while Buttercup is seeing them through the window of the classroom door).

Outside the school Blossom and Bubbles tell about Buttercup that Danny Wilson transferred from his school to theirs. Blossom tells Buttercup about what Danny Wilson what food he likes. Blossom and Bubbles respond by saying it is anything on rice, especially ice cream and marshmallows which amuses Buttercup. Buttercup asks the girls that if Danny Wilson could train her which Blossom tells her that she can and she can't and tells her why. Blossom says that girls cannot wrestle, but he has two tickets to the wrestling match this Friday which Buttercup falls in disappointment while Blossom yells her that isn't she excited. Bubbles told Buttercup that she picked the perfect dress for her to wear.

At Bubbles' house Blossom and Bubbles are amused about Buttercup's blue dress and tells her it looks super cute, But unfortunately, Buttercup does not like it because she will freeze inside it and asks Blossom if she has something warmer. Then Blossom takes another dress and puts it on Buttercup which Blossom and Bubbles cheer while jumping up and down. Buttercup disgustingly takes it off telling that it looks like something her grandmother would wear. Then Blossom takes out a Green Dress, but Buttercup walks away saying she's not going, only for Bubbles to tell her that it is her only chance to see Buttercup's father without his mask on. Buttercup then tells her she will wear the dress, under one condition that she will not like it. She puts on the dress and tells Bubbles and Blossom that she did not know wearing a dress would be cute for her. Bubbles told her that she could design a whole wardrobe which Blossom complains that Bubbles is right. Buttercup yells NOOO!!!, but she thanks Bubbles for her work.

It then cuts to the Professor's Lab where Professor Utonium, Ken and Poochi are stunned to see Buttercup in a green dress. Buttercup says that it's just a dress which Blossom and Bubbles thought she needed a new look. After Professor Utonium, Ken and Poochi freak out, Buttercup berates them, but Blossom tells Buttercup that it's not very ladylike, forcing Buttercup to act as a female. Realizing they know her, they blast off, creating a fireworks show. Buttercup tells Blossom and Buttercup about her father's face, saying it will totally be worth it. Later on,

Back at the Matsubara Apartment building, Buttercup returns,

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