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Bubbles' Beauty Blog
(but on Video)
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Episode name pun on: the internet viral videos titled: "X But it's" or, "X But every X get's replaced with X"
Bubbles' Beauty Blog (but on Video) title card.png
Airdate: March 8, 2016 (internet)
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"Don't forget to like and subscribe. Did I say that right?"
— Professor Utonium

Bubbles' Beauty Blog (but on Video) is an animated short based on The Powerpuff Girls first releasing on March 8, 2016. It is the third Powerpuff Girls short to be released.


Bubbles attempts to record a video on beauty tips for her online video blog, but Buttercup interrupts by taking the camera away from her. Bubbles eventually gets rid of Buttercup and tries to continue recording, but then Blossom interrupts when Bubbles uses her hairbrush. In attempt #3, Bubbles tries to explain how to apply lipstick, but Buttercup interrupts again and says she has to fold laundry. By the time Bubbles returns to recording, Buttercup has used the lipstick to draw on the wall. After numerous interruptions and annoyances by her sisters, Bubbles gives up and sulks on the couch. When Professor Utonium walks by and sees her, he feels sorry for her and volunteers to be in her video. The video ends with Professor Utonium wearing Bubbles' makeup and telling her viewers to "like and subscribe". The short ends with Mojo Jojo watching the video, wearing makeup, and remarking "That was very helpful!"


Bubbles: Hi, followers! I'm Bubbles, and welcome to "Bubbles' Beauty Blog (but on video)"!

Buttercup: 'Sup, y'all? This is Buttercup, and I rock!

Blossom: Is that my hairbrush?

Blossom: I keep all my things in a specially designated place. Besides, you always break my stuff.

Buttercup: Professor says fold your clothes. Why aren't your clothes folded? When are you gonna fold your clothes?

Bubbles: Dumb old laundry, dumb old Buttercup!
Buttercup: Buttercool!
Bubbles: Nobody thinks you're cool!

Bubbles: Where's my lipstick? [looks over to the wall only to find graffiti on it] PROFESSOR!!!

Buttercup: BAM! Check out the firepower!
Bubbles: Get out, Buttercup!
Buttercup: But the camera loves me!

Professor Utonium: [stilted] Why, thank you, Bubbles. I'm ready for the runway?

Mojo Jojo: [full of beauty makeup] Oooh, that was very helpful!




  • This is the third short released to advertise the new 2016 reboot.
  • This is Professor Utonium and Mojo Jojo's first appearance in the reboot with Tom Kane and Roger L. Jackson reprising their roles from the original series.
  • The text in the video (not the title card) says "Bubble's Beauty Blog (but on Video)" instead of "Bubbles' Beauty Blog (but on video)." It could be possible that Bubbles wasn't aware of where to put the apostrophe correctly at the time.
  • The whole short and when the Professor says don't forget to like and subscribe is based off YouTube and its uses. Also, there's also a YT channel for the reboot, owned by Cartoon Network UK.


  • One of Bubbles' white pupils is transparent
    Bubbles error.jpg
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