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Deja View

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Deja View

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Oppressor Plutonium

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Brat is Bubbles' evil counterpart, the second member of the Powerpunk Girls and was created by Oppressor Plutonium. Her first, and only appearance was in the comic issue Deja View, where she was locked in a superpower-proof prison with her sisters.


Brat is shown with long blonde pigtails adorned with two bows up top. She wears a dark blue crop top with a light blue sleeveless shirt under it. She also wears a black miniskirt, white tights, black and blue gothic boots, and six bracelets on both wrists (four blue, two yellow).


Although Brat has been shown to have almost no personality, she seems to play around a bit. Once the Powerpuff girls trick them into flying into a portal back to viletown, Brat claims it’s “cheating”. Brat also has a large amount of stuffed animals, meaning she most likely has a soft spot for animals like Bubbles does. Brat seems to get along great with both her sisters, as they are seen finishing each other’s sentences throughout the comic they debuted in.

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⦁ Her last name is Plutonium, since her father, Oppressor Plutonium has “plutonium” as a last name.

⦁ The Powerpunks are stronger than the Powerpuffs, only being beaten by the the Powerpuff Girls by being tricked.

⦁ Brat has little to no personality in this comics, however she’s most likely a bit like Bubbles (1998 TV series) and Boomer (1998 TV series).

⦁ They were about to appear in the cartoon, however the movie was in the process of being made, so they were instead put in the comic.

⦁Brat has a stuffed octopus toy, much like Bubbles, however it has a Mohawk and an angry expression.

⦁ Despite the ingredients that created the girls never being shown, the commonly accepted fan version is that they were made of Salt, Vinegar and Everything Nasty, with Salt being Brat’s signature ingredient.

⦁ Brat, despite being evil, seems to have a similar love of animals and plushies as Bubbles for when in the PPNKG (Powerpunk girls) room, the Powerpuffs found tons of alternative versions of Bubbles' plushies.


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