Brandy (in Japanese Hanayo Nakameguro) is one of the best friends of Himeko and classmate of MiyakoKaoru and Momoko. She studies in Tokyo City Academy. She is one of the victims that are possessed by HIM's black Z-rays. She is voiced by Saffron Henderson in the English dub.


Gigi the Great

Along with Mandy, they first appear in Gigi the Great, after seeing Himeko's hair, they disliked Himeko's hair when it was butchered by Gigi, Mandy says it looks like a christmas tree, without Himeko noticing, but her and Mandy know that Gigi's not a great stylist, which causes them both to be embarrased, and they did not answer Himeko's question, and they continue the conversation without a word.

Enter the Entourage

Mandy and Brandy have been invited by Himeko, and are invited to her exclusive gourmet lunch, but whenever they the Powerpuff Girls in their superhero outfits they will be more focused on them than Himeko, according to Brandy, she made an article about them that they have super powers and claim they're totally awesome, and when they hear Miyako (Bubbles) saying "Uh, Mandy and Brandy, I-I think your friend is getting mad!" Mandy and Brandy got surprised when Miyako (Bubbles) know their names. The same thing happened when they were in the entourage.

Two Burger Bots and a side of fries

At one flashback about what Buttercup mentioned, Brandy and the other girls were traumatized when Randy shows them a toy spider, and on another scenario, she can be seen behind Randy.

Sleepless in New Townsville

Himeko shows Mandy and Brandy her new invention, it is a caring kit for felines (cats), and Mandy and Brandy say it is cool. And during recess, Princess invites them to a lunch, this time, it is different, it is a bento picnic.

The Final Battle

She is seen in the crowd cheering the Powerpuff Girls.


Brandy is a supportive friend along with Mandy of Himeko's.


Brandy is a young girl with olive skin, dark blue eyes, and short black hair with a strand of hair being tied in a muted pink hair tie. She wears an aquamarine hoodie with a white shirt underneath and a skirt that is about the same shade as her pink hair tie.


You called that a friendship she treated both of us like her servants at that time, all I wanted to do was go to that party!" - Brandy to Mandy

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