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Roxie Theater


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Townsville's Lamest Criminal


The Amoeba Boys

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Single Celled Organism



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1998 series

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Whoopass Stew

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The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!

Created by

Craig McCracken

Voiced by

Chuck McCann

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Bossman is the leader of The Amoeba Boys. He is a dim-witted amoeba, who acts like a criminal from a 1930's gangster film. He is the leader of his gang, although he's only slightly more intelligent than his other two comrades, Slim and Junior. Bossman distinguishable from the rest, because he is the biggest of the group, and he wears a gray fedora. He is voiced by the late Chuck McCann.


Bossman is a large teal translucent amoeba with a lighter colored membrane and a bunch of aqua contractile vacuoles floating around inside of his cytoplasm. He has no physical features, aside from a simple face, comprised only of eyes, a mouth, and pointed black eyebrows. He wears a gray fedora with a black stripe on it. In the pilot episode, "Whoopass Stew", Bossman always had a brown cigar in his mouth, and his contractile vacuoles were purple instead of aqua. By the next pilot episode, "Crime 101", the cigar was removed, but his vacuoles were still purple. It wasn't until his official series debut in "Geshundfight", he was finally given his current appearance.


Bossman acts like a stereotypical mobster from a 1930's gangster movie. He is most comparable to gangster movie actor, Edward G. Robinson, of whom he is a caricature of. He is the smartest of all The Amoeba Boys, but that isn't saying much, as he is still a rather stupid individual. Unlike other villains, Bossman wants to be punished, beaten, and thrown in jail. Unfortunately, all of his ideas for crimes are harmless felonies such as standing on the grass, when there's a "Keep Off the Grass" sign present, crossing the street, without looking both ways first, or littering, by throwing a single piece of paper on the ground. None of which are enough for The Powerpuff Girls to give them any real punishment. This makes him and his gang a group of the least-threatening villains in all of Townsville, which is the opposite of what he wants. He wishes to garner the reputation of being one of the most dreaded criminals ever, but because of his stupidity and incompetence, he never gets this title.

Episode Appearances


  • His voice and verbal tics are reminiscent of the actor, Edward G. Robinson.
  • In the anime spin-off, Powerpuff Girls Z Bossman's character is named "Silk Hat".
  • In "Whoopass Stew", Bossman was depicted with a cigar in his mouth. This was excluded in episodes of the actual series, since the network wouldn't allow a cigar to be shown in a children's show.
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