Princess Bluebelle
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2016 series

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Once Upon a Townsville

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Laura Bailey


Princess Bluebelle is a fairytale princess who came to Townsville after being rescued from a dragon by Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls.


Once Upon a Townsville



Bluebelle is said to be a fairytale princess from an unknown land. She is shown to be dependent on others, and even going as far as to draw attention to herself; which can cause her to be spoiled. Like Bubbles, she enjoys music and animals. She is also shown to be a tough fighter like Buttercup, but she claims that she only did it because her life was in danger.


She has long blonde hair with two red hairbands and a long blue gown. She also wears a golden ruby crown, blue earrings, and a blue neckless with a red gem on it. It's also shown that she wears white pants under her dress with two blue heels that represent Cinderella's glass slippers. She also has blue eyes with pink lipstick and white elbow-length opera gloves.

Powers and Abilities

She is strong enough to hurt a dragon with slaps and forcing a dragon to do something that she wants it to do. She is also able to grow her hair based on Rapunzel.

And she has a powerful voice that attracts animals like birds and it's apparently possible that she is able to communicate with animals.


"I'm a princess!"

"I like being a princess and wearing frilly dresses and singing in the forest. And I don't really like punching stuff."

"It's time for me to live my own life."



  • She's a parody of several Disney Princesses such as Cinderella (Both wear a blue ball gown and glass slippers), Rapunzel (Both have floor-length blonde hair), Snow White (Both communicate with animals), Aurora (Both were saved by three females), Pocahontas (Both rode a boat while falling down a waterfall) and Jasmine (Both wear pants and have similar hairstyles.).
  • She hasn't cut her hair since she was three years old.
  • When she first met the Powerpuff Girls, she mistook them for dwarves, elves, and also munchkins.
  • Besides being a parody of official Disney Princesses, she's a bit of one like Giselle from Enchanted due to her not knowing about the real world.
  • Bluebelle's appearance somewhat resembles Princess Peach from the Mario franchise.
  • Fans say she is the best character of the reboot.


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