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Big Ben
Big Ben.png
Name: Big Ben
Gender: Male
First appearance: Members Only
Last appearance: Members Only
Episode count: 1
Voice actor: Jeff Bennett

Big Ben is a male superhero and one of the one-time characters in the universe of The Powerpuff Girls. He is a member of the Association of World Super Men and represents a "monument to the timeless strength of the British Empire."

When the Powerpuff Girls wanted to join the Association of World Super Men, Buttercup went up against Big Ben in a strength battle. Buttercup won when Big Ben got crushed by the mountain he was lifting.

Big Ben was later seen being defeated by Mascumax.

Powers and abilities

He represents himself as the strongest of the AWSM organization.


He's a tall and very muscular man with large chin and the Union Jack emblazoned on his sleeveless blue outfit. He wears a monocle, a lace ruff at his neck, a red cape trimmed with white fur, a small black derby and boots, and white gloves.