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Barry Mackerbacker
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The Mackerbacker House, Townsville




Midway Elementary School

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2016 series

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Ms. Keane


Barry Geraldo Mackerbacker is a recurring character. He is a student at Midway Elementary School. He made his debut in Painbow.


In "Painbow", Barry ran outside, being hypnotized by Allegro's rainbow. Buttercup tripped him on purpose, and laughed at him. Because Barry was under Allegro's hypnotic spell, he didn't even get mad at her and asked her to give him a hug. Buttercup refused and a bunch of other happily hypnotized students ran up to him and hugged him, having a "hug party".

In "Horn Sweet Horn", Barry told Bubbles that the only mythical creature to actually exist is Bigfoot.

In "Take Your Kids to Dooms Day", Barry said that his mom was a stay-at-home mom. He forgot to mention that she was also a ninja, which she revealed, when she dropped by the school to give Barry his lunch.

In "Can't Buy Love", Princess Morbucks fell in love with him, after she assumed he called her "cupcake". In reality, however, Barry was just mentioning how she had fallen on and ruined his newly baked batch of Roswell, New Mexico-themed alien cupcakes.

In "Bucketboy!", Barry becomes a superhero named "Bucketboy", but he causes more problems than he solves.


Barry is a young boy that has blonde hair with a cowlick, black eyes, and an overweight build. He has fair skin with freckles and wears a red shirt with a pink Illuminati triangle on it; But sometimes the triangle on Barry's shirt disappeared in some episodes.


Barry is a delightful little boy, with a big heart. He is a real conspiracy theorist, believing in things such as The Illuminati, Bigfoot, and the alien landing in Roswell, New Mexico. He is a great baker.


The Powerpuff Girls

Barry is friends with The Powerpuff Girls.

Princess Morbucks

Princess Morbucks is in love with Barry, and although she believes they are openly in a relationship, Barry is completely oblivious to her romance for him, and thinks they're just friends.



  • In "Can't Buy Love", it was revealed that his full name was "Barry Geraldo Mackerbacker".
  • One of the few mythological creatures that he doesn't believe in, is unicorns, as he mentioned to Bubbles in "Take Your Kids to Dooms Day".
  • In "Can't Buy Love", Barry said that he has "cooked ankles", according to what his doctor told him.