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The Perfect Pet

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Pet Feud

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Professor Utonium

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Frank Welker

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The Biogenetically Engineered Experimental Bipedal Organism (BEEBO) was a lifeform created by artificial means by Professor Utonium. It only appeared in the episode Pet Feud.


According to the Professor, it is biologically immortal, meaning it never ages, and it also makes no waste. It also comes programmed to be playful, loving, and know a variety of tricks. While the Professor overzealously called it the "perfect pet," it does have a flaw. A BEEBO can only be fed once during its entire lifespan. If it is fed more than that, it will become obsessed with eating and consume everything in sight. It will also grow larger as it eats and eventually explodes and produces offspring.

The girls see BEEBO for the first time...

...and they all shout for joy.

When the initial BEEBO was created, the Professor gave it to The Powerpuff Girls who promised not to feed it more than once. They did their best to follow the instructions regarding feeding BEEBO, however, they were unaware that the others had already fed it, so each of the girls fed BEEBO once. BEEBO then became obsessed with eating as the Professor said it would, and grew too large for the house.

It started eating whatever and whoever it could find in Townsville, including The Mayor and Ms. Bellum. It even ate The Powerpuff Girls when they tried to stop it. By eating Bubbles, it had consumed enough to cause it to explode and thus reproduce. This also freed everyone who was eaten by BEEBO.

BEEBO after being fed more than once.

It's raining BEEBO!

Professor Utonium warned everyone in Townsville about limiting the feeding of a BEEBO. The Mayor, not completely understanding ("once a day," "once in a while"), was not allowed to have a BEEBO, much to everyone else's amusement... that is, except for the Narrator, who points out he didn't get a BEEBO either. This is pointed out before his trademark ending line.


  • When being in it's small form, Beebo shares a similar design to the Wickies from Kid Kool; but when it was in it's giant form, it shares a similar design to Gossamer from Looney Tunes.