Arturo de la Guerra
Name: Arturo de la Guerra
Alias: Arturo de la Guerra
Gender: Male
Age: 10 - 14 (approximation)
First appearance: Buttercrush
Last appearance: "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!"
Voice actor: Carlos Alazraqui (Buttercrush)
Tom Kenny
Maryke Hendrikse (Weevil from PPGZ)
Family: Gangreen Gang
Macho Arturo (father)

Arturo de la Guerra, better known as Lil' Arturo, is a supporting villain in The Powerpuff Girls and is a member of the Gangreen Gang. He appears to be the youngest of the gang in both his appearance and behavior. However, despite only being described as a teenager (with his exact age being unspecified) within the original series run and due to his overall cutesy and childlike disposition, it is safe to assume he is approximately between the span of his preadolescence to early adolescence years.

He appears to be very short in stature (not far off from the height of the average kindergartner) and has a Mexican-Hispanic accent.

He personally loves his switchblade-styled comb in which he refers to as his daughter, “Maria Conchita Teresa Rosalita”, or simply “Maria” for short.

Arturo is voiced by Tom Kenny in the original series, and by Carlos Alazraqui in his debut in the episode Buttercrush.


Arturo has raven hair that is combed sideways (traditionally covering over his left eye) to look as if he had jumped out of a Picasso painting, and a baby face.

His wardrobe consist of a maroon tee-shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt, black shorts, and black, pointy thigh-high boots.

He has a rather prominent underbite with a set of rounded pearly whites, and bares the resemblance of a piranha- a cute, but feisty (much like his persona) sea creature.

He also has a dark-green nose much like Big Billy's (despite being flat and triangle-shaped).

Arturo notably takes pride in his appearance (specifically his hair) and prefers to look rather sharp.

Episode Appearances


  • Arturo's character design appears to be a reference to the 70s manga Zeni Geba (which roughly translates to 'Money Power' in English), written by mangaka George Akiyama.
  • The name 'Arturo de la Guerra' is a pun and homage on Sun Tzu's The Art of War (considering 'de la Guerra' is Spanish for "of War", as well as 'Arturo' being both very close to the English word "Art" and equivalent to the Spanish word "Arte").
  • Lil' Arturo is named directly after his father, Macho Arturo.
  • According to Schoolhouse Rocked, Maria was once the prize possession of Macho Arturo. She was most likely given to Lil' Arturo as something to remember him by, right before his father was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment.
  • In "Power Lunch", he was given super speed (from drinking coffee), which reflects his energetic personality.
  • He is revealed to be left-handed, as seen in "Slave the Day".
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