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Allegro is a panda capable of causing the people of Townsville to go into a stupor of pure, 100% happiness and then they will have rainbow eyes just like he does. His exact origins are unknown until it is revealed in the episode "Largo" that he is the happy-half of the Cosmic Bear, while his other half is a grumpy grizzly known as Largo.


Allegro is a panda bear with a colorful appearance resembling a Care Bear. He has bright blue, bright yellow, and bright red eyes that form a hypnotic pattern. He has dark blue accents on his eyes, ears, and arms and legs, Neon purple hearts that resemble handprints and footprints appear on the bottom of his arms and legs.


  • Parties
  • Making people happy
  • Twerking
  • Giving Hugs
  • Fun
  • Rainbows


  • Work
  • Introspection
  • People "harshing the party vibe."
  • Sadness
  • Killjoys
  • Boredom
  • Being beaten by the Powerpuff Girls
  • His grumpy counterpart, Largo (formerly)


Allegro can make people fall into a happy trance (making them do whatever they want with no regard to what is required or appropriate), summon multiple "party lobster" minions, and manipulate reality to a limited degree.


He is very fragile and can be broken if sufficiently injured, revealing a smaller, glowing bear that apparently cannot function on its own. And he hates his parties being wrecked, mostly by the Powerpuff Girls, but most of all, annoyed by the presence of his half, Largo.



  • Allegro is shown in the music video of Who's Got the Power? , although the girls don't fight him, they all just give him a hug.
  • His high pitched voice and demon-like powers are similar to HIM.
  • He bears (no pun intended) a resemblance to Panda from We Bare Bears, another Cartoon Network show.
  • Allegro‘s role in the reboot has been deemed controversial by fans due to his behavior in the show and how his behavior may be a reference to drugs like LSD.
  • Allegro's voice actor also voiced Buhduece in Breadwinners, the two main characters of Atomic Puppet, Master Frown in Unikitty!, Baby Fozzie and Statler in the Muppet Babies reboot and Splinter in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • In the Turkish dub, Allegro is voiced by Tugay Erverdi who also dubbed HIM in the Turkish dub of PPG (1998 TV Series) and did the same dub for Benson in the 2nd Season of Regular Show.
  • As shown in his last appearance in episode Largo, Allegro is revealed to have some similarities to Uni-Kitty from the Lego Movie series and her own Cartoon Network spin-off, such as being party lovers, but also has angry forms.
  • In "Largo" that he and his grumpy grizzly bear counterpart, Largo were one being until a lightning bolt divided them into two separated beings. Allegro represents more of The Cosmic Bear's "Chaos" side, while Largo is more of the "Control" side.
  • His name is Italian for "happy".
  • Allegro's name is a reference to allegro, which in music means fast.


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