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Air Buttercup
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Episode name pun on: Term for someone who shoots a lot of hoops in Basketball
Airdate: March 1, 2016 (internet)
March (television)
Writer(s): Vi Nguyen
See also
"Who's Got the Power?"
"Bubbles' Beauty Blog (but on Video)"

"You can't shoot from uptown. Uptown is for wusses."
— Buttercup

"Are you sure you don't wanna go uptown?"
— Blossom

Air Buttercup is an animated short based on The Powerpuff Girls first releasing on March 1, 2016. It is the second Powerpuff Girls short to be released.


The girls are at school, and Blossom throws away her lunch sack. Buttercup than explains how throwing "uptown" is for wusses, and that she has to throw it from "downtown". Buttercup then throws some trash across the school cafeteria, missing the shot. Bubbles than humorously makes a fake newscast with Octi. This angers Buttercup, who then explains why they call her "Air Buttercup". She steals a student's apple and attempts to throw it in the trash, only to hit another student. Blossom and the other students make fun of her, which angers her more. She then throws a students at the wall above the trash, only for the student to slide down the wall and slip right past the trash can. Bubbles then agrees with Octi that "She has to be angry now!" Buttercup gets angry and shoots a light down from the ceiling, almost hurting another student. She crushes the light and throws it into the trash and looks happy about it. The light, however, flies out of the trash, which makes her incredibly angry. She takes a bunch of items from other students including a student's lunch box, baseball cap, sandwich, etc., and she throws the gigantic ball of items at the trash can. The collision destroys the cafeteria and knocks Buttercup backwards into the wall. She admits to Blossom that the downtown shot is impossible. Bubbles exclaims (in her fake newscast) how this was a thrilling lunch period, crushes her pudding cup, and throws it from "downtown" without even trying. Buttercup is jealous, and Bubbles says "And that's why they call me Air Bubbles!".


Big Boy: Hey!
Buttercup: You got to shoot it from downtown.
Bubbles: Ooh, so close! That's gonna hurt her shooting percentage.
Buttercup: Now let me show you why they call me Air Buttercup!
Blossom: Oh, 'cause you throw air balls?
Students: Ooh! Burn!
Buttercup: No Way!
Bubbles: And that's why they call me Air Bubbles!




  • The short was originally titled "Uptown", hence one of Blossom's quote in the said short.
  • This is the second short released to advertise the new 2016 reboot.
  • Octi-Bubbles Sports Network is a very super obvious parody of ESPN.


  • After the cafeteria is destroyed, and Bubbles clearly isn't sitting in a table anymore, she is seen back in her chair with Octi like nothing happened.

    Blossom's eye is not positioned when she faces sideways.

  • Blossom's eye is positioned wrong when she faces sideways.
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