Name: Abracadaver
Gender: Male
First appearance: Abracadaver (episode)
Last appearance: Memory Lane of Pain
Episode count: 5
Voice actor: Frank Welker

You laughed at me... But now... REVENGE! -Abracadaver

Abracadaver, according to the Mayor, he was once a magician named Al Lusion who performed a magic act in Townsville's old magic theater, he was there and was The Mayor's role model, but then one night, he asked for assistance from the audience. The Mayor and the rest of the audience raise their hands, but instead, he chose a little girl (whom the mayor himself claimed was as sweet as any of the Powerpuff Girls). He asked her to come on stage and he made her teddy bear vanish into thin air right before her eyes.

The audience applauded Al Lusion for the impressive display and as Al Lusion accepted the applause, he forgot to return the bear.

The girl, however, was so heartbroken without her bear, that she panicked and accidentally pulled his pants down, exposed all his tricks, thus revealing the secrets to his magic tricks as the audience laughed. Al Lusion panicked and tried to retrieve his tricks, only to stumble backwards into an iron maiden and was killed when it closed on him, silencing the magic forever. The iron maiden itself was never moved from the theater, which was closed and abandoned soon after.

Abracadaver had reanimated as a Zombie after a wrecking ball hits the iron maiden during the old theater's demolition as ordered by the Mayor until the girls came in to fight him. In the fight, he mistakes Blossom for the same young girl who was indirectly responsible for his death. He pulls out a pocket watch and hypnotizes her before performing a rolled-up scarf trick on her to ensnare her before he puts her onto the path of the same coffin that killed him before, sealing the Powerpuff inside. At first, it seemed that Blossom had met her end at the magician's hands, but it's revealed that Abracadaver was actually Blossom in disguise and vice versa.

Abracadaver was voiced by Frank Welker in a Russian accent


In life, Al Lusion was a normal entertainer and appeared rather receptive to applause as he forgot to return the girl's bear whilst he was bowing to the audience. Whilst a very talented magician, his magic came from slight of hand and the use of illusions to entertain rather then real magic.

After coming back to life, Abracadavaer became a vengeful and insane corpse who blamed all of Townsville for his death. His stage tricks have been replaced by genuine magic. He also displays the ability to hypnotize others.


  • His voice sounds the same as the Inspector Gadget character, Dr. Claw.
  • His former name Al Lusion is a pun of "allusion" and "illusion", while his new name is a pun on "Abracadabra" and "cadaver", which refers to a corpse.
  • Al Lusion coming back to life as a vengeful zombie refers to folkore stating that unburied bodies, like Al's, eventually become vengeful revenants. The mayor awakening Al Lusion as Abra Cavadver via destroying the theatre and Iron Maiden he was enclosed in, refers to mythology stating ghosts and zombies often reinanimate when their place of rest is disturbed as the wrecking ball disturbed Al Lusion.
  • He can be spotted briefly during the opening sequence.
  • In terms of his physiology, Abracadaver is a Lich, an undead being that originates from Russian folklore. However, he's also in a way similar to Revenants, which are also undead beings but come from European folklore. Sometimes Revenants can be Ghosts, while at other times Zombies, but that's focused on more is that they reanimate back to life for vengeance until certain conditions are met. There is one reason on why they want to exact revenge, and that is people having wronged them or outright murdered them, which is the exact same goal that Abracadaver really wanted ever since the people had laughed at him in the first place.
  • He is the 3rd darkest villain to ever feature on the show.

Abracadaver can be seen on the bottom right.


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